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Hey guys, I know most of you will just pass by this. But I just wanted to let you know that I am no longer using this Tumblr account. I had some problems with it earlier and by the time i made my new one and it was up and running, this one started to work again. I am not deleting this account yet. But I will eventually. Sorry for going on about my problems, and wasting your time. But i do apreciate it and would also apreciate if you would please follow my new Tumblr account, which will be posted below…

New Tumblr Account:

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My new tumbler account

Well I’m having some problems with tumblr because it ruined my blog page. So I had to make a new tumblr account. Please follow me, even though there is nothing on there yet.
Name: Majesticpenguin

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If you have ever taken a razor to your wrist, reblog this. If you have ever drank away your emotions, reblog this. If you have ever taken a months worth of pills at once, reblog this. If you have ever felt a noose tighten around your neck, reblog this. If you have ever gone to sleep and prayed to not wake up, reblog this. If you have ever wanted to be someone else, reblog this. If you have ever binged or purged, reblog this. If you want to be happy, reblog this.

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takealookattheworld said: Hey (: Do you fancy taking a look at my blog & perhaps messaging me with what makes you happy? It’d be lovely if you contributed.

Your blog seems a little dull, like you need to brighten it up with some pictures. Also it feels like you are enforcing happiness, and you should try to find quotes that are about being happy, but do not over use the word “happiness” in it.